Siae (Italian authors and publishers association)
Patent nr. 2017002715 september 7th 2017.
The simpay projject aims at developing a (fresh and new) application for smartphone, where the cost of product/service is charged directly on the sim card of customer, an easy and immediate program where the alternative of paying through credit card or bank account is also welcome.
The application is free to download. The customer will buy the desired product on a vending machine and the cost of the chosen product will be charged on the sim card, thanks to the generation of a qrcode (a type of barcode).
The project wants in the first place to provide the vending machine with a special reader, then to extend progressively the new payment system to small everyday purchases.
The patent application has been filled at siae on September 7th 2017.
Nevertheless, the application is not yet available for it’s being designed. We will notify you as soon as available on the app store and play store.
The pivotal sim of the project is to do charity work. It is presented as a text-to-give, the main difference is that by using the application, a product/service is given in exchange.
52 are the events of charity suggested, each of which will last a week. They are listed as follows :
1/ unicef week
2/ research week
3/ ...
52/ telethon
The order of the charity weeks is subject to changes, some charity weeks indeed might eliminate, add or modify actions, according to priorities and circumstances.


Hi, I’m Giuseppe Tamburrini, i m a 50 years old autodidact in the field of technology. I m the creator of this project, however I don’t have enough time to develop it. I delegate my idea to whom is willing to handle it with honesty, accuracy and professionalism. Therefore all advice useful to the evolution of the project is welcome.
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